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Rainy FIT Girl Sissy Ruffles Dress Satin Adult Rainbow LEANNE CUSTOM Little PrqAP Rainy FIT Girl Sissy Ruffles Dress Satin Adult Rainbow LEANNE CUSTOM Little PrqAP
Adorable Adult Dress CUSTOM MADE TO FIT YOU!

Handmade in the USA by Leanne’s Pretty Dresses

So much fun for Sissy, Adult Baby, Adult Little Girl, Cross-dressers, Parties, Halloween and everyday unisex dress up fun! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Dress Details:

*Made from high quality poly satin in white with rainbow color tulle

*Rainbow on bodice with bow

*Elasticized sleeve ends for best fit

*Full circle skirt with six rows of tulle ruffles

*22" back zipper closure

*Displayed over a mini hoop skirt which is not included

*Please allow between 1-4 weeks for delivery

*Note: Actual fabric shade, lace pattern style and size, and other trims may vary slightly from the pictures

Make your dress even better! Ask about these additional dress options:

*Sleeve Headers