Camera Icon Skirt 91107 Edwardian Pinstripe Jacket 9 8 and Long Eastham Alfred John Impicciatore is appealing his conviction for sexually penetrating a girl who was being pimped out by her father.Picture: Nic Ellis.

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A MAN jailed for nine-and-a-half years for repeatedly raping a Perth girl, who was pimped out by her father in the so-called “Evil 8” case, is appealing his conviction and sentence.

Alfred John Impicciatore was found guilty after a judge-alone trial in the WA District Court of sexually penetrating the girl four times at her home in March 2015, with her father also participating in the abuse.

Impicciatore lodged his appeal in May and a directions hearing was held in the WA Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

No date has been set yet for his appeal hearing.

Two charges against Impicciatore came out of admissions he made to police.

Impicciatore had tried to get a video of his police interview ruled inadmissible for the trial, claiming police detained him longer than was allowed, but his bid failed.

He was the only member of the Evil 8 to fight the charges against him.

At one point, he fled the state and had to be extradited from NSW.

Trial Judge Mark Herron said during sentencing that Impicciatore had not showed any remorse and had taken advantage of a girl who was extremely vulnerable.

“Your actions were depraved and were entirely for your own sexual gratification,” Judge Herron said.

Eastham and Pinstripe Jacket Long Edwardian 91107 Skirt 9 8 Eight men were originally implicated in the investigation, but one was never charged with offences related to the girl.

The girl’s father, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to dozens of charges and was sentenced in June 2016 to 22-and-a-half years in jail.

He later lost an appeal against the length of his sentence.

The five other men received sentences ranging from three years to almost 13 years.

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