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Meet our AmeriCorps coaches. They do amazing things every day!

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Susie Bowman

Susie is a true Playworks rockstar. Susie came in as a mid-year hire and you would think she has been doing this for years! Susie truly embodies the AmeriCorps “get things done” mentality and has become an essential member of the Shannon Elementary and Playworks communities.


Silvia Barajas

Silvia works hard everyday to make recess a safe and healthy place at Sheldon Elementary. Silvia builds great relationships with students and is always striving to create opportunities for healthy play. Thank you coach, for getting things done for America!


Matthew Bailey

Matt’s playground at Bayview Elementary is rocking! Matt embodies the Playworks core value of healthy community. His positive influence is seen through his Junior Coaches, his recess team, and the entire Bayview community!


Cindy Zepeda-Mejia

Cindy is playing hard everyday at Montalvin Elementary. She embodies Playworks core value of respect and has truly changed the lives of her students through safe and healthy play. Cindy is an AmeriCorps member who truly understands that the power of play brings out the best in everyone.


length dress XL Dress Womens clothing dress Knee Wrap Dress Plus orange dress dress dresses Terracotta XXL womens size Ralph Kirker

Ralph is doing amazing things for his school community. He is deeply involved in the morning routines and has influenced others to take this on. He has great energy that radiates throughout the playground. Ralph is always bringing new things out to recess and provides a space for everyone to play.

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dress Dress dresses womens Wrap Knee Dress size Womens length clothing dress Plus Terracotta orange XL dress dress XXL Gil Sosnik

Gil is outstanding on and off the playground. She goes beyond her job description to really reach the needs of her school community. She started the Dover Run Club to provide her community with the opportunity to run a 5k in May. She also puts on parent engagement events that allow for community building. Truly a rockstar.


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Robyn Mosely

Robyn has transformed the Chavez school community and she has also transformed in the process. She has grown to become a confident presence on the playground. She is reflective on the needs of her school and makes adjustments accordingly. Very recently, she noticed soccer to be an area of need and decided to create a soccer team that will eventually play other schools.

Jorge Mendoza

Jorge came in with amazing energy since day one. He has really taken ownership of his program and strives to improves every single day. He never wastes an opportunity to learn from others and to implement what he feels will work for Highland Elementary. He has identified areas of need and has moved to improve them. His school community is very happy to have him.

Alyssa Cruz

Alyssa is a stunning AmeriCorps member who has really transformed Mira Vista. She is a coach who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. She is always playing at recess and even joins to play the older kids at basketball. Needless to say, she is a baller. Alyssa is also very invested in building community with her peers. When opportunities arise for bonding, you can count on her to be there.


Marli Whaley

Marli builds great rapport with her students. Students and parents look to her whenever anything challenging comes up at school. She truly embodies the AmeriCorps commitment to community!



James Padilla

James is always willing to take the extra steps to assist whenever he can, and is a great AmeriCorps flex coordinator. When he is visiting any new school, he’s always ready to make sure do whatever is necessary to make sure he is on top of his game.


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Sergio Banuelos

Sergio is committed to working with the community to bring out the best in himself and the students at the school. He’s truly service oriented and has built a rapport with everyone within the community he serves.

Carlos Guerrero

Carlos is warm, caring, and loving person. He treats everyone around him the same—with respect and with trust. Carlos loves making others feel important and special. He wears his heart on his sleeve and allows others to use his shoulder to cry on. Carlos would give help to anyone in need. He is selfless and truly embodies what it means to “serve” others, while fully embracing in his role as an AmeriCorps member at Nystrom Elementary!

Edwin Henry

Newly born into the Playworks culture, Edwin possesses all the skills and passion needed to build and strengthen a community. In his first two months as an AmeriCorps member, Edwin has won the hearts of all in his community at Peres Elementary by consistently modeling the impact that a caring adult can have in the community. Edwin caters to his community as needed and puts in overtime to ensure his community feels safe and loved.

James Kidd

James, aka “Coach Kidd”, has big smile and a big heart! In his first year as an AmeriCorps member, Coach Kidd has stayed strong, passionate, and committed to serving his community. No matter what obstacles may come his way, Coach Kidd’s approach is that of kindness and positivity. He makes sacrifices in his personal life to make sure he is serving his community at King Elementary the best way possible.


Interested in becoming a Playworks AmeriCorps member?

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The length of the wrap dress is approximately 40" (102cm).

The color of the textile may be slightly different in reality from what you see on the screen. It depends on the settings of your display.

Size chart:

Size S = US 4-6 = UK 6-8 = Europe 38


Bust = 33.5-34.5" = 85-87.5cm

Waist = 25 - 26" = 63.5-66cm

Hips = 35.5 - 36.5" = 90-93cm

Upper arm (biceps) = 10.5-11" = 27-28cm

Size M = US 8-10 = UK 10-12 = Europe 40


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If you want to have custom sizing please specify:

- your bust, waist and hips measurements

- your upper arm (biceps) measurements

- your height

- the desired sleeve length - full sleeve or 3/4

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Bust: Circle from center of nipples

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Upper Arm (Biceps): Circle the biceps, the upper arm

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